The Third Lid

Lg. Cat Head w/Lid

Lg. Cat Head w/Lid

Cat Head Basket w/Lid


IMG_0386I have finally finished the lid for this basket!  It was touch and go there for a while.  After throwing out the 1st lid, and giving up on the 2nd lid I was determined to make a lid and make it right.  Since I was making it without a pattern or anything else to study I found it to be ‘extreeemly’ difficult.

What I ended up with is an enclosed pyramid. With a flat top.  Or an upside down top!  Ha!  And, hey, I really like it.  But I won’t be doing another one anytime soon!

Just trying to explain this thing is difficult.  Like, does saying I put a base on the bottom and ended with a base on the top make any sense?  Let me know because that’s what I did.  After I found the finial for the top online, Ha!, I knew what I wanted the finished product to look like.  And so, this lid will forever be called “The Third  Lid”.  At least in my mind’s eye!

Let me know what you think.


Large Cathead

I have finished the basket I was working on. It came out a little smaller than I thought but is still quite large at 12″x13″x13″ and I am very happy with it. The others I have made do not have very prominent feet (or ears).
I used a pattern from a book of Billie Ruth Suddith’s. She is one of North Carolina‘s best known weavers. She designed the original Carolina Snowflake but is also known for her cathead baskets.
A member of the Toe River Arts Council, Mrs. Suddith was one of about 40 artists who opened their studios to the general public 2 weeks ago. Getting to meet her was an honor.
Mrs. Suddith’s instructions for the cathead base are the clearest and most comprehensive I’ve come across and I was able to make very deep feet (or ears) which I have been wanting to do. Also is she uses a much smaller reed than I’ve seen in other patterns.

So on to the next project!