Primitive Arts



I like the look of old, old baskets especially from the southern Appalachian mountain areas. Although my baskets don’t have an old look they give a hint of flavor of the old South. I guess they are considered to be primitive because they are so simply made and are over 100 years old. I should do some research are them.

The large square is a repro of the tobacco leaf drying basket. You can still find some in flea markets in the southern states. They were usually quite large; mine is only 14″ x 14″. It is the only basket that is stapled together as far as I know. I used 1″ flat reed and stained it a driftwood color. They are great to hang on a wall. Very graphic looking.

The other is simple centerpiece or mantle basket. It has a high handle (not sure why) and again I kept it very plain with as gray stain although a lot were painted. I’ll try that next.

3 thoughts on “Primitive Arts

  1. Donna, I’m so sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I have been extra busy this month including going to a Craft School for 2 weeks. As to the patterns of the Primitive baskets, I don’t really make up too many patterns. Most of my baskets are one of a kind because I don’t usually do any basket twice. The pattern for the “Tobacco Leaf Drying Basket” I actually got off of “Pinterest”. If you really want a pattern of the “Mantle/Centerpiece” I guess I could write it up. It’s a simple basket so I would charge $3.00. You would have to mail me a check because I don’t sell anything online.

    Please let me know if you want to do that.

    Regards, Lynn

    • I’ve been looking for a tobacco basket pattern and can’t find one. are you still willing to sell your pattern? is it a big basket? thanks beth

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