Checkerboard Series

3 In A Series
I have been experimenting with larger sized reeds lately. The baskets above use both stakes & weavers of 3/4″ width. It has pros & cons. Larger is not easier to use as, say 1/2″ or 3/8″ but the basket weaves faster. Because the reed is wider it is necessarily thicker which can cause unevenness in rows. I’ve made these baskets with a “simple-weave”, over/under, over/under, etc. and I like the simplicity of using just the natural and a single color which creates a checkerboard pattern.

I am also using legs or ‘feet’. This creates other possibilities for use. These baskets have a less traditional look as opposed to a wool gathering floor basket with feet, which has a country feel to them.

I hand-dyed all the reed used in these baskets and really like how they turned out. Will have to make more!

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