Lid #2

Well I’m having real problems with this lid. I was on my 3rd lid today but when I left my weekly basket club, it was less done then when I brought it in 3 hours earlier!

In the end, I think that this 3rd lid will really work. I just cannot finish by Saturday.

I have gone back to the 2nd lid! Ha! Maybe, with some changes, I can have it finished by the end of the day tomorrow. If not, oh well, no lid for Saturday’s show and tell.

I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

Large Cathead

I have finished the basket I was working on. It came out a little smaller than I thought but is still quite large at 12″x13″x13″ and I am very happy with it. The others I have made do not have very prominent feet (or ears).
I used a pattern from a book of Billie Ruth Suddith’s. She is one of North Carolina‘s best known weavers. She designed the original Carolina Snowflake but is also known for her cathead baskets.
A member of the Toe River Arts Council, Mrs. Suddith was one of about 40 artists who opened their studios to the general public 2 weeks ago. Getting to meet her was an honor.
Mrs. Suddith’s instructions for the cathead base are the clearest and most comprehensive I’ve come across and I was able to make very deep feet (or ears) which I have been wanting to do.¬†Also is she uses a much smaller reed than I’ve seen in other patterns.

So on to the next project!

Cat Head Samples

Cat Head Samples

The “Cat Head” basket has four pointed ‘feet’ on which it sits. When held upside down, the feet give the impression of ears, and so, the “Cat Head”.
This basket was first created by the Shakers who used molds. Now we can create them without molds in many shapes and any size. The baskets shown are about 10x10x6. I am working on one that will be about 15x15x20. Quite large! I’ll let you know how it goes.