Two Cat Heads

Well, it’s been a long time since I posted anything.  Life happens.

Here are two baskets I made called cat heads.  I wish I had a picture of one upside down.  That’s the way you can really see the four corner points.  Looking at two points, they look similar to a cat’s head.  Makes sense, right?  You need an imagination.  lol

I always try to do something different with each one.  The green one in the rear has round reed starting half way up.  The rim is crisscrossed around with the stakes left cut off instead of the usual tucking in.

The blue in front has three rims stacked on top of each other.  I tied them with blue waxed linen rather than weaving with reed.

This type of basket can be any shape depending of the pressure put on as you are working upwards.  But interestingly,  this basket always starts with a six by six inch base.

2 thoughts on “Two Cat Heads

  1. Lynn, Not sure how I arrived at your blog, I started on Pinterest and somehow arrived here. I am in awe of your cathead baskets. The triple rim is particularly interesting and beautiful. I have pulled out Billie Ruth’s book and will try one more time to make a cathead – after I finish the multitude of other baskets waiting for completion in my studio! I have been successful with the cathead when under the close supervision of an instructor but have never been happy when I try at home on my own. You have inspired me to try, try again.
    I have signed up to receive your blog and look forward to your next entry.
    Happy Weaving,
    Frances Richardson

    • Thanks for your kind comments. For me, the cathead is the hardest basket to make. I never know how it’s going to turn out. It all depends on the pressure used. Lyn Siler has a book, The Basket Book, in which she teaches a different method, using individual rows rather than continual weaving. I started out this way. It may help.

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