Cherokee Elbow BasketCherokee Elbow Basket These double-mouth baskets were probably started by the Choctaw Indians but several other tribes made them also. They originally were made with River Cane but today we use reed (rattan).

It’s an interesting basket because only stakes are used. Normally baskets have stakes and weavers. In this case the stakes are the weavers also. All the stakes are woven off-center. At this point it looks like a woven base with 2 sets of very long ends and 2 sets of short ends sticking out.

One set of long ends are folded over the base and the other long set are woven into them. (I probably should have pictures. Sorry.) It’s not complicated but it is very awkward. You end up with 2 openings or mouths which are rimmed the same way as any woven basket.

A handle of reed is attached and then wrapped. You end up with a very nice basket. It can be used to dry herbs, display dried flowers or as a container for your kitchen utensils.

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