Shaker Cheese Basket

IMG_0521IMG_0522The Shakers used this to age rounds of cheese.  The base is a hexagon with hexagon openings and  as the sides are woven it becomes  round.  Very architectural looking  but extremely confusing to make.  These baskets can be made in many shapes like a triangle or long  oval as in a bread basket.

It isn’t a very strong basket so it’s limited in it’s uses but I think my cat would love laying in it and poking his paws through the openings.  It’s used most often as a decorative object hanging on a wall.

2 thoughts on “Shaker Cheese Basket

  1. Nice shape and spacing is very even. Our guild is making a cheese basket in July.
    If we post photos I’ll let you know.

    • I made this last month at Tri-State Basket Guild in Bristol, TN, one of the guilds I belong to. Which guild do you belong to? I would love to see photos and thanks much for the comment.

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