Knitting Basket

Knitting Basket

Knitting Basket

Knitting Basket #3

Knitting Basket

Just finished this basket. It’s a pattern from a ‘Lyn Syler’ book by ‘Diane Kennedy’. It’s taken from an Abenaki style knitting basket. The Abenaki Indian people are from the New England/Quebec area.

I really liked making this basket. It stands 11″ tall, sans handle. I drilled the hole in a 2″ slotted wood base for the “donut ring” in the lid through which the yarn is pulled. Nifty! I also made a different handle out of 5/8″ braided seagrass instead of the yarn the pattern called for.

The lid is a new technique for me. It is called “Chase Weave”, which here uses #2 round reed, spaced-dyed. (Spaced-dyed is multiple colors blending the edges together.) The chase weave gives a lovely smooth look as compared to “twining”. It’s also easier and faster to do!

So, now back to my lid for the cat head basket! (But see, I can make a lid if I have someone else’s pattern!)

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