Lid #3

Base Rim Finished

Base Rim Finished

Main structure Finished

Main structure Finished

Basket with Unfinished Lid

Basket with Unfinished Lid

OK, so I never went back to Lid #2.  I stuck with Lid#3 knowing I would not finish it by today.  But I have to do it right.

This is going to be an enclosed lid which I have never seen before.  Which is why I’m am struggling here.  It has a 4″ round slotted wood base which sits inside the basked rim.  It also has a lashed rim around the base to sit on the basket rim.   I admit it’s a little odd but it works.  This is shown in the first picture.

The second picture shows the lid with the main structure finished.  It will have a 3″ round slotted wood base attached at the top; in theory, because I have no idea how I’m going to do it.

Also, I made the lid the opposite colors of the basket.  Stakes natural and weavers grey.  I don’t like it!  So I’ll be ripping out the weavers and redoing them in natural.

The last picture shows the lid on the basket which gives you the overall shape.  I think it is pleasing.  Although the top will be flat, I plan on putting something on top.  It will need a handle.

If anyone has any comments ideas or opinions I would love to hear them.

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